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Director Message to Students

Dear Students

        I am privileged to call you my students because you have given me a chance to do so.  It is your greatness that you have joined this OICS family.

Needless to say “An institute without students is anull and void”.  OICS without you is nothing.

At the time of cut-throat competition today; we are faced with many challenges in every field.  Your dedicated efforts are sure to fetch you a grand success in IT sector as well as in every sphere of your life.  (One who wastes time today wastes his/ her future Let’s resolve to put our best efforts to make our future brighter as well as make our country a digital one.)

I am glad to declare that our Institute provides various short term and long term courses of computer software and Hardware Technology, always useful for students as well as all categories of people.

I believe in student centered approach sothat the problems, needs and priority issues can be addressed in participatory manner that will dealt with efficiency in work. For many people the computer education is unaffordable, but our efforts is to make it choice matter and widel available for mass rather just focusing to a particular section of society.

I am confidant with the programs and courses offered,you really be bonafide.

Wish you allthe success in your professional carrier.

Mr. S.k. Singhaniya
Director of OICS